Jhajjar is Giving Its Girls a Fighting Chance After Decades of Skewed Sex Ratio

Haryana has been infamous for its skewed sex ratio, and Jhajjar specifically has had one of the lowest sex ratios at 834:1000 as against India’s average of 943:1000 (according to 2011 Census). Cut to 2018, the state government said that it had achieved a ratio of 920:1000, a phenomenal improvement.

 Jhajjar: Behind a huge wooden door at Chotu Ram Dharamshala in Jhajjar city, a group of men have started their day with a hookah. This seems to be the regular norm in the district; a mark of manhood even today.

“Aadmi toh bada wala hookah peeta hai. Aur auratein, agar peeti bhi hain, toh chhota waala aur bahar toh koi nahi peeta (men smoke the large hookah, while women, if at all they smoke, is only from the small ones, that too, they don’t smoke so openly),” says Prakash Chandra Dhankhar of Gramin Mahila Vikas Samiti

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